Nebraska Area Codes, United States

Find the real owner of someone with a 308 and 402 Nebraska area codes


Nebraska was the 37th state to join the union in 1867. The Cornhusker state has since become one of the top five agricultural producers in the United States. Nearly two million people live here and own businesses that have diversified Nebraska’s economy. For these residents and businesses, having a phone number is necessary for everyday communications. Generally, a person or business has at least one registered phone number. The names and addresses of these individuals are available on the Nebraska phone numbers database.

Until recently, this information was not always available online. At first, the Nebraska phone numbers database used to be in books called white pages.

A white page typically contains the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the residents and businesses in a geographic location. So, a small town or a large city block would have dedicated white pages, and residents could buy one for personal use or use the public phone book. However, these physical phone books become unreliable as more people get new phone numbers or delisted a phone number. Also, public white pages at local phone booths and convenience stores are usually torn or defaced.

Moving phone number listings online solved these problems of getting accurate and updated information on persons with registered phone numbers. A reverse phone lookup on the Nebraska phone numbers database will provide the most recent information on the registered owner of a phone number. And for phone numbers that have been active for a long time, you will get to see the owners’ history. 

Take the typical Nebraska phone number, 402-NXX-XXXX. 402, the area code, is unique to the caller’s general location. The area code, however, does not say much other than the caller’s city or county. The next set of digits, NXX, prefix code, is more useful for finding the caller’s location. The prefix code specifies the particular street where the phone number owner resides. Finally, the last set of digits, XXXX, is the line number unique to a specific owner. So, if a Nebraska phone number were to be a house address, the line number would be a specific flat number or house number. 

Although Nebraska phone numbers can share the same area code and prefix code, the line number is always unique to a specific person or business. Thus, no two individuals can have the same line number, but it is possible for several persons to have owned the same phone number. A reverse phone lookup provides the names and contact information of these persons.

CountyFIPS codeCounty seatEstablishedPopulationArea
Adams County001Hastings186731,205563 sq mi
Antelope County003Neligh18716,295857 sq mi
Arthur County005Arthur1913434715 sq mi
Banner County007Harrisburg1888674746 sq mi
Blaine County009Brewster1885431711 sq mi
Boone County011Albion18715,379687 sq mi
Box Butte County013Alliance188710,8421,075 sq mi
Boyd County015Butte18911,810540 sq mi
Brown County017Ainsworth18832,9031,221 sq mi
Buffalo County019Kearney185550,084968 sq mi
Burt County021Tekamah18546,722493 sq mi
Butler County023David City18568,369584 sq mi
Cass County025Plattsmouth185426,598559 sq mi
Cedar County027Hartington18578,380740 sq mi
Chase County029Imperial18733,893894 sq mi
Cherry County031Valentine18835,4555,961 sq mi
Cheyenne County033Sidney18679,4681,196 sq mi
Clay County035Clay Center18556,104573 sq mi
Colfax County037Schuyler186910,582413 sq mi
Cuming County039West Point18559,013572 sq mi
Custer County041Broken Bow187710,5452,576 sq mi
Dakota County043Dakota City185521,582264 sq mi
Dawes County045Chadron18858,1991,396 sq mi
Dawson County047Lexington186024,1111,013 sq mi
Deuel County049Chappell18881,838440 sq mi
Dixon County051Ponca18565,606476 sq mi
Dodge County053Fremont185437,167534 sq mi
Douglas County055Omaha1854584,526331 sq mi
Dundy County057Benkelman18731,654920 sq mi
Fillmore County059Geneva18565,551576 sq mi
Franklin County061Franklin18672,889576 sq mi
Frontier County063Stockville18722,519975 sq mi
Furnas County065Beaver City18734,636718 sq mi
Gage County067Beatrice185521,704855 sq mi
Garden County069Oshkosh19101,8741,705 sq mi
Garfield County071Burwell18841,813570 sq mi
Gosper County073Elwood18731,893458 sq mi
Grant County075Hyannis1887611776 sq mi
Greeley County077Greeley18712,188570 sq mi
Hall County079Grand Island185862,895546 sq mi
Hamilton County081Aurora18679,429544 sq mi
Harlan County083Alma18713,073553 sq mi
Hayes County085Hayes Center1877856713 sq mi
Hitchcock County087Trenton18732,616710 sq mi
Holt County089O’Neill186010,1272,413 sq mi
Hooker County091Mullen1889711721 sq mi
Howard County093Saint Paul18716,475570 sq mi
Jefferson County095Fairbury18567,240573 sq mi
Johnson County097Tecumseh18575,290376 sq mi
Kearney County099Minden18606,688516 sq mi
Keith County101Ogallala18738,3351,061 sq mi
Keya Paha County103Springview1884769773 sq mi
Kimball County105Kimball18883,434952 sq mi
Knox County107Center18578,3911,108 sq mi
Lancaster County109Lincoln1855322,608839 sq mi
Lincoln County111North Platte186034,6762,564 sq mi
Logan County113Stapleton1885716571 sq mi
Loup County115Taylor1883607570 sq mi
Madison County119Madison185635,585573 sq mi
McPherson County117Tryon1887399859 sq mi
Merrick County121Central City18587,668485 sq mi
Morrill County123Bridgeport19084,5551,424 sq mi
Nance County125Fullerton18793,380441 sq mi
Nemaha County127Auburn18547,074409 sq mi
Nuckolls County129Nelson18604,095575 sq mi
Otoe County131Nebraska City185415,912616 sq mi
Pawnee County133Pawnee City18552,544432 sq mi
Perkins County135Grant18872,858883 sq mi
Phelps County137Holdrege18738,968540 sq mi
Pierce County139Pierce18567,317574 sq mi
Platte County141Columbus185634,296678 sq mi
Polk County143Osceola18565,214439 sq mi
Red Willow County145McCook187310,702717 sq mi
Richardson County147Falls City18547,871554 sq mi
Rock County149Bassett18851,2621,008 sq mi
Saline County151Wilber186714,292575 sq mi
Sarpy County153Papillion1857190,604241 sq mi
Saunders County155Wahoo185622,278754 sq mi
Scotts Bluff County157Gering188836,084739 sq mi
Seward County159Seward185517,609575 sq mi
Sheridan County161Rushville18855,1272,441 sq mi
Sherman County163Loup City18712,959566 sq mi
Sioux County165Harrison18771,1351,313 sq mi
Stanton County167Stanton18555,842430 sq mi
Thayer County169Hebron18715,034575 sq mi
Thomas County171Thedford1887669713 sq mi
Thurston County173Pender18896,773394 sq mi
Valley County175Ord18714,059568 sq mi
Washington County177Blair185420,865390 sq mi
Wayne County179Wayne18679,697444 sq mi
Webster County181Red Cloud18673,395575 sq mi
Wheeler County183Bartlett1877774575 sq mi
York County185York185514,125576 sq mi